Campaign details

Brand: Lipton Green Tea
Brand Owner: Unilever
Lead Agency: Wunderman MENA
Contributing Agencies: Pixel Plus Media, PHD
Country: United Arab Emirates
Industries: Soft Drinks: Concentrates & Cordials
Media Channels: Content marketing, Events & experiential, Mobile & apps,Online display, Online video, Other & ambient media, Point-of-purchase, in-store, Social media
Budget: 500k - 1 million

Executive summary

Lipton Green Tea is a zero-calorie drink that acts under a global brand platform: Live Good. This brand platform encourages people to improve their lifestyle and prioritise health. The challenge was how could the brand bring the initiative to life in a market that has double the world's average obesity rate?

Achieving a healthier lifestyle is much more than just exercising. Physical activity is like an iceberg, where exercising is just the tip of it; beneath it, there's the opportunity to burn up to 2,000 kcal on a daily basis. That opportunity is called Non-Exercise Activity Thermogenesis (NEAT). It refers to activities such as walking or even gardening. The challenge was to make people aware of their own NEAT.