Campaign details

Brand: Wall's Creamy Delights
Brand owner: Unilever Pakistan
Lead agency: DDB Mudra Group
Country: Pakistan
Industries: Dairy products
Media channels: Public relations, Social media, Television, Word of mouth, advocacy 
Budget: Up to 500k

Executive summary

As a market leader in the in-home frozen desserts category, Wall's took upon itself the challenge of deepening penetration and expanding the overall ice-cream and frozen desserts market in Pakistan. How did they do it? By inculcating the habit of more frequent and occasion-led ice-cream consumption. A deep understanding of the audience revealed the need for communication that is family-centric and occasion-led.

The festival of Eid is one occasion that embodies the true spirit of family bonds. Unfortunately, there are many selfless souls who year after year are unable to spend Eid with family due to the nature of their duty. The "Sorry Abbu" campaign is an ode to the immense sacrifice of such guardian angels, based on the emotional story of a son who realises and acknowledges his father's sacrifice of being away from family on Eid for the sake of helping others.