Campaign details

Brand: Tata Salt
Brand owner: Tata Chemicals Ltd
Lead agency: MOMS Outdoor Media Solutions
Country: India
Industries: Sauces, seasonings, condiments
Media channels: Other & ambient media
Budget: Up to 500k

Executive summary

Chhath Puja is a celebration that glorifies the sun for its life-giving potential. Fervent sun-worshippers are seen welcoming it at dawn and urging its return during dusk.

Across India, devotees camp at riverbanks, shores, ghats and lakes. Its largest gathering takes place at Deo, Bihar, despite an extreme lack of facilities. Even after 71 years of Indian Independence, the Rural Electrification Rate in Bihar stands at just 45.27% and the lack of lights is a reason for various hardships such as safety concerns, hygiene and sanitation.

With no light during the early morning hours, devotees face various difficulties while prepping for the Puja. By installing solar panels, Tata Salt steps in as the leading light of change. Powering an artificial sun installation created in the middle of a pond, Tata offers the sun's energy to devotees, even in the dark, thus making… 'Har Pal Ujwal' or 'Every Moment Illuminated'.