Campaign details

Brand: Tata Motors
Brand owner: Tata Motors
Lead agency: Rediffusion Y&R
Contributing agencies: TCIF (Transport Corporation of India Foundation)
Country: India
Industries: Vans, Trucks, RVs
Media channels: Outdoor, out-of-home, Packaging & design
Budget: No budget

Executive summary

As India's leading truck-maker, Tata Motors is committed to providing genuine solutions that benefit the wellbeing of the category and its community. One particularly challenging issue pertaining to truck drivers was that of creating awareness about AIDS and sexually transmitted diseases (STDs). As per studies, two million truck drivers visit sex workers every year. Out of that number, only 11.4% use condoms. The result being that 16% of Indian truck drivers suffer from STDs.

However, communicating to the truck drivers was a major challenge. Indian highways are largely media-dark, and most truck drivers are not very well educated. However, as mandated by the Indian government, every Indian truck has the message "Use dipper at night" painted on its back, which means to use the low beam lights at night for safety. Tata Motors decided to make this the message, and the trucks themselves, the medium – and launched a brand of condoms called Dipper.