Campaign details

Brand: Samsung Mid-Segment Range
Brand owner: Samsung
Lead agency: Leo Burnett Indonesia
Country: Indonesia
Industries: Mobile devices
Media channels: Online video, Social media, Television
Budget: 1 - 3 million

Executive summary

Within the $150-$300 mid-segment, competition has been more intense as OPPO successfully stole some of the market share from Samsung, who is number one on the mid-segment market. OPPO's market share doubled, hitting 26% with a PTO (proud-to-own) of 50 points, which was higher than Nokia in H2 2016. The OPPO strategy to hypnotise the market with its so-called 'selfie expert' and lower pricing has captivated consumers' perception and preference.

The 'More Than a Selfie' campaign was the frontrunner to tackle OPPO's aggressive communication approach without succumbing to a pricing war. Its task was to inform our consumer that this is the era of a much richer digital experience (GIFs, videos, Boomerang, etc.) than self-captured still images.