Prothom Alo Fifa World Cup Campaign: When a simple supplement overcomes the recency problem

Ummiya Rahman

Campaign details

Brand Owner: Mediastar
Lead agency: Grey Advertising Bangladesh
Brand: Prothom Alo
Country: Bangladesh
Industry: Newspapers
Media: Newspapers; Outdoor, out-of-home; Social media
Budget: Up to 500k

Market background and cultural context

The FIFA World Cup 2014 was the 'next big thing' for the people of Bangladesh during the year of 2014. Information about the event was widely available on both TV channels and the internet.

Additionally, due to the FIFA World Cup 2014, all of the other newspaper brands, TV channels and online newspaper brands had various offers going. Not only that, but the younger generation were not atypical newspaper readers, and had their own sources for getting their football news.