Prothom Alo Bornomela 2014: The second language movement begins

Ummiya Rahman

Campaign details

Brand Owner: Mediastar
Lead agency: Grey Advertising Bangladesh
Brand: Prothom Alo
Country: Bangladesh
Industry: Newspapers
Media: Events and experiential; Newspapers
Budget: Up to 500k

Market background and cultural context

The necessity of knowing the international language

The dreams of Bangladeshis are no longer restricted to the borders of their country, as they now know no limits and see themselves as global citizens. Therefore, the importance of knowing the international language of English has become a necessity for them.

As a result, parents are eager to enrol their children into English-medium schools or those with an English curriculum. There has also been a rise in the 'Banglish' (Bangla + English; a colloquial term for a Bangladeshi who tries to show-off by demonstrating the fact that their knowledge of English is better than that of their own mother tongue).