Campaign details

Brand: Nestlé NAN Optipro 3
Brand owner: Nestlé NAN
Lead agency: Mashwire Pte Ltd
Country: Singapore
Industries: Baby food
Media channels: Content marketing, Direct marketing, Email marketing, Online display, Print - general, unspecified, Product sampling, Social media, Word of mouth, advocacy
Budget: Up to 500k

Executive summary

With only 40,000 new parents in Singapore each year, Nestlé NAN Optipro 3 was determined to capture the majority share in the market by building a journey with parents in their early parenthood.

Faced with numerous government regulations and compliance issues, the brand was challenged to attract new users, retain them and prevent them from switching to competitive brands.

While many consumers are bombarded by differing perspectives, we unearthed that consumers are constantly searching for the simplest solution: 'trust'. Trust refers to a brand's credibility and the trust that the public places in the brand.