Ministry of Religious Affairs - Government of People's Republic of Bangladesh: Language Matters anti-urinal campaign

Ummiya Rahman

Campaign details

Brand owner: Ministry of Religious Affairs Bangladesh
Leading agency: Grey Advertising Bangladesh
Budget: Up to 500k
Country: Bangladesh
Industry: Government, social policy
Media: Earned media, buzz; Outdoor, out-of-home

Market background and cultural context

Dhaka, the capital of Bangladesh, is a city of 15 million residents. Out of this huge population, more than 20%i are pedestrians. And on an average 450,000ii pedestrian men urinated on the roadside walls every day, mainly during commuting. Although this act of wrongdoing is done unwillingly, but at the same time it has become a part of their life. It became a habit that became difficult to change. Prohibition and fines scarcely affect these people. Hence it has become a habit everyone spoke about and nobody tried to come up with a solution. The government was cursed and abused and people waited for a new government to bring in the change.