Campaign details

Brand: Maybelline
Brand owner: L’Oréal China
Lead agency: Mindshare China
Country: China
Industries: Cosmetics, beauty aids
Media channels: Competitions & contests, Content marketing
Budget: No budget

Executive summary

Maybelline used to dominate the top-tier cities in China, but challenger brands continue to grab the attention of young urbanite women. Given their busy lifestyles, these women have become adept at putting on cosmetics while on their commute and are looking for products that will allow them to do so.

The challenge for Maybelline was to prove that its products are fit for commuter beauty.

Hence, it launched the Makeup on the Way challenge in Shanghai, one of China's top-tier cities. Riding in a yellow taxi – alluding to the brand's New York heritage – women in Shanghai needed to apply makeup flawlessly while going around the city with top celebrity Jolin Jin.