Campaign details

Brand: Maybelline
Brand owner: L'Oréal Malaysia Sdn Bhd
Lead agency: Ensemble Worldwide
Country: Malaysia
Industries: Cosmetics, beauty aids
Media channels: Online display, Point of purchase, in-store, Social media
Budget: Up to 500k

Executive summary

Maybelline is the number-one mass make-up brand in Malaysia, but in the liquid foundation category was only number three. To compete, we have tried launching better, similar or more affordable products, but neither helped us achieve dominance. Through social listening, we realised that the women of today no longer want to look fairer, they want to be themselves. To embrace the diversity of Malaysian skin colours, we launched 12 shades of FitMe and created our first ever Malaysian-powered liquid foundation campaign, boosting us way above the rest in the category.

Market background and cultural context

Maybelline is number one in Malaysia but had potential to grow more …