MAMA Noodles: Small fish in a sea vs. big fish in a pond

Bitop Das Gupta

Campaign details

Brand Owner: Kallol Thai President Foods
Lead agency: Grey Advertising Bangladesh
Brand: MAMA Noodles
Country: Bangladesh
Industry: Savoury snacks, potato chips
Media: Newspapers; Television
Budget: 500k – 1 million

Market background and cultural context

Maggi from Nestlé Bangladesh Ltd. is the instant noodles "category" in Bangladesh. With 90% market share owned solely by Maggi, it has left the bare minimum for others.

Its recipe of delivering both taste and nutrition has blindfolded the mothers about the brand. The footprint of Maggi has become so big in Bangladesh that after conquering its own category, it has broadened its territory and started fighting with other categories that deliver nutritious foods and snacks like health food, drinks, cereal, biscuits, etc. And the Maggi kingdom was growing day by day.