Fresh Atta: Starting a movement to a healthy life

Bitop Das Gupta

Campaign details

Brand Owner: Meghna Group of Industries
Lead agency: Grey Advertising Bangladesh
Brand: Fresh Atta
Country: Bangladesh
Industry: Convenience, readymade
Media: Newspapers; Television
Budget: Up to 500k

Market background and cultural context

The phrase most commonly used by any Bangladeshi when asked about why they enjoy rice in their daily meals is: 'The meal is not complete and satisfying without rice'. Rice is a staple food that is deeply loved by the people of Bangladesh, and in some parts of the country rice is still the common item used in all three of their daily meals.

However, in the developed parts of the country, especially the urban and semi-urban areas, the use of rice in one of those daily meals has been cut down. That meal is breakfast, where items like roti or paratha (flat, round breads cooked on a griddle) have taken the place of rice.