Campaign details

Brand: Public Health Department
Brand owner: Colombo Municipal Council
Lead agency: Triad
Country: Sri Lanka
Industries: Public health
Media channels: Radio & audio
Budget: No budget

Executive summary

In Sri Lanka's largest city Colombo, more than 50% of the population live in slums occupying just 9% of the total land of the city. Such living conditions have given rise to the highest number of dengue mosquito breeding spots, resulting in the highest number of dengue cases in the whole of Sri Lanka.

Understanding that the problem could not be solved without the support of the very people that unknowingly bred the dengue mosquitos, we used a medium that was more effective than word of mouth, more captivating than TV, more listened to than radio – the chants of religious monks.

Written, recited and recorded by monks belonging to the community worst affected by dengue fever, Life Chant educates people on dengue mosquito breeding. Aired from the speakers connected to all temples and shrines situated throughout the slums, Life Chant was recited early in the morning and late in the evening during regular prayer times, which happens to be the time the dengue mosquito is most active.