Campaign details

Brand: Calla Detergent
Brand owner: Peerless Products Manufacturing Corporation
Lead agency: TBWA\Santiago Mangada Puno
Country: Philippines
Industries: Laundry products
Media channels: Television
Budget: 1 - 3 million

Executive summary

In the Philippines, the local detergent category is dominated by multibillion-peso brands like Surf, Tide and Ariel. The fragrance subcategory is the primary driver of growth, with 50% share driven by Unilever's Surf with Fabricon. The challenge for the newest detergent brand in this market, Calla, was to deliver unique and superior value to the consumer with a limited A/P budget. Every day, Filipinos are exposed to environmental odours. They are constantly assaulted by pollution, dirty surroundings and cramped spaces, which make daily life unpleasant.

So Calla made its superior long-lasting fragrance technology extend beyond washing – providing Filipinos an escape from life's dreariness and alleviating stress caused by their environment. This technology was only previously available to fabric conditioners like Downy.