Campaign details

Brand: Brooke Bond Red Label
Brand owner: Hindustan Unilever
Lead agency: Ogilvy Mumbai
Country: India
Industries: Hot drinks
Media channels: Online video, Social media, Television
Budget: Over 20 million

Executive summary

In a commoditised category, consumers tend to buy products on auto-pilot. It is difficult to create a brand, charge a premium for it, gain leadership, build brand love and retain the leadership over the years. Yet in a tea-drinking nation (where 88% are tea-drinking households), India, Red Label tea did exactly that. It changed its brand trajectory from declining sales to gaining leadership position and retained it for five years with a campaign that won the hearts of its consumers.

This is the story of how Red Label tea took conventional category benefits, such as taste, and messages, such as coming together over tea, into a fresh space that made consumers reconsider the brand as well as rethink how they forge new connections over tea.