Campaign details

Brand: ABC Kacang Hijau
Brand owner: Kraft Heinz Indonesia
Lead agency: VML Indonesia
Contributing agencies: Starcom Indonesia
Country: Indonesia
Industries: Fruit & vegetable juices
Media channels: Online video
Budget: Up to 500k

Executive summary

In the highly invested and contested ready-to-drink beverages category in Indonesia, ABC Kacang Hijau (mungbean) from Kraft Heinz turned around three semesters of decline with a measly US$300,000 marketing investment.

By positioning the brand not as a solution to hunger, but as a solution to anger for young urban Indonesian professionals who were unable to cope with the frustration and anger that life's everyday challenges brought, using six-second bumper ads to drive high reach with little investment.

This is the story of how a brand successfully repositioned itself using six-second storytelling.

Market background and cultural context

Winning a gunfight with a pencil