Christian Solomon, Chief Digital Officer at Mediacom China, has been in the country for more than a decade and witnessed first-hand the extraordinary transformation of the world’s largest – and arguably most complex – consumer market into a world superpower.

According to Solomon, social media, mobile marketing and programmatic have all enjoyed their time in the sun in China as the media landscape continually evolves. However, with such massive growth for many years, it was inevitable that a slowdown would eventually hit. In 2018, China’s economic slowdown is continuing to bite.

“Brand growth is somewhat declining across most categories (but) not all categories. For example, pharma is increasing, tech is increasing. But the more traditional consumer packaged goods, FMCG, and auto (are) seeing slowdown in growth. I think that's just because the market, in general, is having a slowdown. It's becoming a bit more standardized, a bit more normalised, and it hasn't seen the growth it used to,” Solomon said in an exclusive interview with WARC on trends shaping China’s media and retail landscape.