Need to know

  • OpenX and The Harris Poll surveyed US consumers about their video streaming habits, and found 65% of those aged 18-34 use an OTT service, falling to 31% among those aged 55+.
  • Six in 10 American homes now own a connected smart TV, while 42% of UK households have plugged in a connected TV.
  • More than half (54%) of those surveyed prefer an ad-supported video streaming model. Of those, 29% would prefer a service that costs $5 per month, with up to three minutes of ads per hour.
  • While the rise of OTT may herald an era of one-to-one engagement in TV advertising, brands must not depend on login data, or else risk selling older-age products to millennials “free-riding” on their parents’ accounts.
  • OTT ad engagement appears to work: 72% of OTT consumers recalled seeing an ad, and 66% have learned about a new product or company from an OTT commercial.
  • Research found that 40% of OTT viewers have performed a “pause-to-purchase”, pausing streaming to research or even purchase a product seen in an OTT ad.
  • Data provides the opportunity to serve fewer, more impactful ads. Consumers feel that seven minutes of ads per hour is the sweet spot for OTT – significantly less than what is used in traditional TV today