It has become quite difficult to remember a time before the European Union was the dominant story in the United Kingdom, a time when there were other political and social issues worth discussing. Now, Brexit is our one-stop shop for division and spitting fury. At the same time, so long ago (a whole two years!) was the vote, so complex the problem at hand, and so far from a solution as we seem to be, the country is stuck between fervent partisanship and general apathy. The problem is that the thing itself, in whatever Frankenstein form it might present itself, is upon us: on the 29th March, the UK will leave the European Union. Whatever that means.

What does it mean for the advertising industry and marketing at large? Thankfully, the IAB found a former diplomat willing to provide some analysis – if not guidance – to a digital advertising audience in London (January 2019). Konrad Shek spent nine years at the Foreign and Commonwealth Office with posts in London, Taipei and Chongqing. Since then, he has worked in government relations and as a policy analyst for the private sector. He has worked with the IAB to advise the government on its Brexit strategy. He is experienced, then, in affairs of both business and of state.