We can do better: Brands and the changing Indian woman

Babita Baruah
JWT Delhi

Marketing to Women in India

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The young Indian woman has outraced marketers significantly, both in the market and in the mind. Are we doing enough?


40 years ago, two brands re-wrote Indian marketing. Surf and Liril shattered advertising codes to redefine stereotypes of Indian women that marketing had created and still lives by.

Surf and Liril: Rewriting marketing codes

Lalitaji was the Surf woman who stopped us in our tracks with her "smart shopper" mindset. The Liril girl broke all conventions by smiling and frolicking under a waterfall. It was a portrayal of freedom and adventure in a country where women were beginning to step out of their homes, defying society and their own fears.

Things have moved on since then. But in baby steps.