Warc Briefing: Magazines

Definition: Magazine advertising effectiveness is measured by tracking shifts in key performance indicators attributable to communications activity in the print or online version of a magazine. Commonly-used indicators are brand awareness, ad recall and purchase intention.

Quick facts

  • Global magazine advertising is forecast to reach $43bn in 2011, equivalent to 9% of total aspend – down from 12% in 2001.i
  • Russia and India are expected to be the fastest growing magazine ad markets in 2011, according to the Warc Consensus Forecast.ii
  • In the US, magazines have the highest level of undivided attention of any medium.iii

History and future outlook

Engagement, engagement, engagement.

If there is a consistent theme in recent arguments for the continuing relevance of magazines in the age of Twitter and the "Now Web", it is that print titles create a special bond with buyers, reflected in readers' greater involvement with both editorial and advertising in the format.