WARC Talks: Writing better briefs

In this episode of the WARC Podcast, WARC talks writing better briefs with Pieter-Paul von Weiler and Matt Davies, founders of BetterBriefs.

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01:49 – What has been the reception to the results of the study? 04:17 – How should marketers deal with an unclear brief? 08:57 – How has the brief has evolved? 10:12 – Which objective should be at the crux of the brief? 13:01 – The relationship between agencies and their clients. 17:55 – Discussion of collaborative briefs. 22:33 – How has the briefing process changed with the rise of omnichannel planning? 26:00 – What does success look like? 28:52 – How did the Better Briefs Project begin? 31:48 – What’s next for the Better Briefs Project?