WARC Talks: The collision of brand and e-commerce

In this episode of the WARC Podcast WARC Talks the Marketer's Toolkit 2022, covering the key themes identified in the report and focusing on the collision of brand and e-commerce.

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00:58 – Are the worlds of marketing and digital commerce coming together? 03:51 – What do ‘upper funnel’ ad opportunities look like on Amazon? 07:45 – What metrics are advertisers trying to drive? 10:08 – What is the Amazon Marketing Cloud? 13:29 – How are platforms like Walmart and Instacart evolving in 2022? 15:45 – How will the rise of social commerce affect this? 18:35 – How are brands responding to these changes internally? 20:34 – What is the impact of these trends on structures within marketing teams? 26:34 – Few marketers were satisfied with their current capabilities in digital commerce – why do you think this is? 29:28 – Predictions for 2022 – progress and challenges.