Understanding digital display advertising

Alex Kozloff

Advertisers increased spend on display advertising in the UK by 24.5% in 2015 to over £3bn (PwC/IAB Digital Adspend Study) because it offers an abundance of exciting opportunities to connect and communicate with their target audiences. In comparison, the US is growing at 19% to reach $32.7bn in the first half of 2016 alone.

Consumers average 2 hours 59 minutes per day online (UKOM approved comScore data) and the average household now owns 8.3 connected devices (IAB Consumer Insights April 2016). The love affair people have with their devices opens up an unparalleled tool kit to help brands of any size, with any objective, to reach and wow their audiences.

Three broad formats

Display advertising is divided into three broad formats. Banner ads (accounting for 38% of UK display ad spend in the first half of 2016) were the first, and are the most well-known, best exemplified by the rectangular/square formats seen around online articles which contain text, animation or even video content.