Here’s some not-so-good news for marketers: human memory is fallible, and your audience will forget 90% of what you share in the next 48 hours.

“The act of forgetting happens only in the first two days, and after a while, the metaphorical 10% tends to stay there over time,” said cognitive neuroscientist Dr Carmen Simon at a recent webinar hosted by marketing automation software company Marketo.

With this “metaphorical 10%” – Simon estimates exact statistics to range anywhere between two to 12%, depending on the individual – marketers also need to ponder what is the right 10% they want audiences to remember.

“What we are noticing also from the studies is that not only do people retain very little from what you share, but that little is left to chance,” Simon said.

Simon advocated using neuroscience for marketers to get people to move in their favour, by recalling – and ultimately acting on – the marketing message. Here are five actionable insights to behold:

1. Work hard, replay hard