At a glance

TikTok, the short-form video app, has a growing and highly engaged global audience – particularly among under-35s. The secret to its success is a combination of user creativity and data-driven personalisation.

Why it matters

TikTok offers a rare opportunity for brands to reach large-scale millennial and Gen Z audiences. However, advertisers must adopt a unique approach to TikTok, rather than simply replicating content strategies which may have been successful on Instagram, Snapchat or WeChat.


  • While TikTok’s audience numbers are large, its user experience is entirely dependent on personal preferences. The platform’s algorithm will quickly organise a user’s video feed based around their favourite genres and key opinion leaders.
  • TikTok’s compelling short-form video feed means it has an ‘active user ratio’ of 64% – higher than that of rival platforms including Weibo.
  • TikTok Challenge, a content-creation challenge often centred on a particular piece of music or visual effect, can be a shortcut to brand visibility and engagement.