Short form advertising is not a new phenomenon. In our daily lives, short form ads are arguably the most common form of advertising we interact with, especially for those who spend a lot of their time online.

What has changed however, is the number of brands that have started using short form ads (defined here as 5-7 seconds) on traditional media such as TV.

Changing TV landscape

There have been many recent disruptions to traditional TV ad formats, such as split screen insertions or even commercial ad break takeovers, a format that has had a lot of success on ITV in the UK. However, it looks like shorter form ads will be most likely to drive disruption of traditional TV ad breaks.

Over the past decade, the TV media landscape has evolved hugely (especially in the past four years). According to data from Phoenix Brand Effect (previously Nielsen’s TV Brand Effect) published in 2017, 30 second ads make up less than 50% of TV ads, dropping 11% since 2014. As David Lubars, chief creative officer of BBDO told the Financial Times, “There will never again be a single dominant format for television commercials”.