Why it matters

Despite research showing that magazine media performs strongly in delivering profit ROI, as well as against metrics such as contextual relevance and intensity of emotional response to advertising, many brands are potentially under-investing in the medium.


  • Attention data based on a survey of attitudes towards advertising across multiple channels found that magazines ads are “actively welcomed” by 82% of consumers, more than any other major channel.
  • Advertising in printed magazines elicits a “strong and differentiated” right brain response which exceeds all other media types measured.
  • Magazine media works well in combination with other channels, delivering a 34% uplift in ‘business effects’ when combined with TV.

Ad-spend in the magazine sector continues to be out of kilter with the value that magazine brands deliver for advertisers. Figures released by WARC in October 2019 for Q2 show a 6% decline in magazine advertising revenue. At the same time, a report released by Magnetic, the marketing agency for magazine media (‘Attention Pays: Optimising for Profit’) highlights the impact on profit ROI of using magazines in the mix.