In brief

Media company Kinetic had a hypothesis based on how the more familiar we become with something initially, the more we grow to like it, non-consciously. We wanted to understand more deeply how familiarity works from a brand perspective, and its value to advertisers. To put this theory to the test, we conducted research based on the psychological phenomenon the Mere Exposure Effect (MEE) in an advertising setting, to see how marketers can gain better insight to optimise their communications.

The OOH media landscape

For many years, Kinetic delivered media plans referencing reach with little mention of frequency. This was because the OOH media landscape consisted mainly of paper and paste poster sites that could be booked on a two-week in-charge, generating cost and logistic implications if a poster ran out of a two-week in-charge period. Furthermore, only roadside formats were measured on Postar, the former OOH media currency.