Refinery29 is applying a shot of legacy media thinking to the digital pages of Instagram.

“We’ve started to innovate on the platform by – kind of weirdly – programming it like TV,” explained Lydia Pang, creative director at the New York-based digital publisher, which provides female-focused content in areas from beauty and health to entertainment (plus the latest hot products to buy) to a 550 million-strong global audience.

Pang reported that the strategy on Instagram, a photo- and video-sharing property owned by Facebook Inc., borrows from the annals of linear television by ensuring that consumers have a good idea of what material will appear, and when it should reach their screens.

“We have regularly scheduled programming. So, on Mondays, we’ll talk about money,” she explained.

A granular case in point involves utilizing Instagram to flag up #MoneyDiaries, a content series from Refinery29 that helps listeners understand various aspects of the financial world – be it the economics of dating or the ways that social norms influence the route to prosperity.