Doesn’t everyone like a little treat? Given rising premiumisation – the trend most likely to impact on most sectors between now and 2030, particularly within food and drink – it’d seem so. Whether it’s a more expensive pack of biscuits or a pricier bottle of wine, creating a product that’s a little bit more luxurious can make the difference between must-have purchase and middle-ground mediocrity that ends up left on the shelf.

However, it’s not as simple as raising prices. Close care and attention to the end-to-end customer experience – the ‘path to purchase’ and beyond – is essential. It’s particularly critical given the disconnect between consumer and brand-owner expectations of brand experience.

According to the 2019 Harris Poll, 92% of brands believe they provide exceptional customer experiences. Yet 73% of customers claim that brands struggle to meet their expectations – a sobering contrast.

Premium food and beverages are an indicator of ‘social status’ for consumers