Practical tips for automotive brand strategy in South East Asia

DentsuAegis senseAsia

Auto brands must take an integrated approach across South East Asia.

Automotive brands should incorporate new media and traditional channels to build their brand in South East Asian markets, research by Dentsu Aegis suggests.

Digital channels continue to grow in importance across the region, and a number of digital campaigns have been wildly successful for auto brands at both global and regional level. However, research data collected via Dentsu Aegis' proprietary insight platform senseAsia suggests that care should be taken by Auto brands in assuming too great a reliance on digital channels as the primary way forward. Brands taking this approach run the risk of missing out on the greater opportunities to connect and engage emotionally with potential buyers that traditional channels still offer. Traditional media channels still continue to play a vital role in influencing the highly involved auto brand purchase journey, and an integrated approach to communications remains key to long-term success in the category.