Planning is a discipline in flux, according to WARC’s most recent Future of Strategy report. So too is the world of creative, where the concept of ‘the big idea’ is up against a data and technology-driven media space. Overall, the relationship between planners and creatives is evolving. Can a happy marriage between the two continue in an industry changing faster than ever?

According to Andreas Krasser, Chief Strategy Officer at DDB Hong Kong, the marriage between agency creatives and strategists is probably in need of some relationship therapy – but there’s still reason for optimism. In his own survey of more than 100 advertising planners and creatives across Asia, more than 95% of creatives and strategists considered the relationship between the functions to be either important or very important.

“To me, that's really good news because it means this relationship has a chance. We can save this marriage, hopefully. And the most common theme that came out of this is really the need for each other. And a lot of strategists said, “We need creatives to do our job.” A lot of creatives also said, “We need strategists to do our job.”