At a glance

Procter & Gamble’s Marc Pritchard has implemented a philosophy in P&G’s brand marketing which tackles social issues head-on, prioritising the twin goals of social good and business growth, while making tangible impacts internally.

Why it matters

Talking a big game of brand purpose is one thing, but consumer want brands to walk the walk. Nine out of 10 consumers say they have a more positive image of a brand or a company when it supports a social, or environmental cause. But many brands have fallen into the trap of purpose-driven campaigns that seem cynical, opportunistic or simply don’t deliver business results. Brands need to find the balance.


  • It’s important not to lose sight of the fact that marketing campaigns should be designed to deliver growth.
  • When considering how their brands can have a positive social and environmental impact, choose something that holds true to the brand. Be authentic.
  • Marketing leaders should examine their own personal histories, and even biases, to become personally motivated and inspired about doing good.