In Australia, marketing tech firm Blis is reporting a jump in interest from the market around how location data can be better integrated with OOH executions.

Speaking to WARC, Nick Ballard, Managing Director of Blis in Australia and New Zealand, shared that the company is currently in discussion with “a couple of big brands” around how location data can be used to “really enrich the customer journey”.

“A lot of money is spent on OOH, and if we can align observable mobile data with OOH activity both on whether an ad is viewed and by what kind of person, we can provide not just those insights back to the brands but also evaluate the true value of OOH sites,” he said. “We’d be able to provide real deterministic data to both agencies and brands about the value of an OOH purchase. That would be really interesting and that’s quite a big development.”

Ballard added that other non-traditional applications of location data are also being explored in the travel sector, citing an example of OOH sites at airports and how better profiles can be built around travellers.