At ad:tech London 2017, a one-year-old British startup called Good-Loop, pitched its ethical ad tech platform to a panel of media experts in front of a live audience. Among them was Florence Audoyer, global strategic marketing and communication lead at the Nestlé-owned chocolate brand KitKat, who liked what she heard. The prize was the opportunity to make a serious pitch to the brand that could, and did, lead to business.

Nestlé’s objective was to deploy KitKat’s existing creative content in a way that would engage viewers in the story of Nestlé’s Cocoa Plan, its sustainable farming scheme, and grow awareness of it. The work with Good-Loop launched in Q2 2018, using its programmatically delivered video platform to give viewers a choice of three areas of the Cocoa Plan they could support. To do so, all they had to do was watch the ad.