Need to know

  • Findings in the article are based on nearly 20 years of analysis across over 700 brands in more than 45 countries.
  • While digital display, paid search and online video can be vital components in a campaign, our research shows that their value is amplified by adding traditional channels such as TV, radio and out-of-home. A multichannel campaign creates consumption synergies, enabling advertisers to capture consumer attention at different engagement points in their purchase journey. This holds true not only in national campaigns, but also globally.
  • Advertising across platforms generally delivers higher ROI, and TV and online combinations typically drive higher ROIs than other media combinations. When combined TV and online drive a 25-30% higher ROI than when online is executed on its own.
  • Including online and offline vehicles is particularly efficient for high consideration categories, and social and paid search benefit significantly from synergies.
  • Multichannel marketing maximises reach and, perhaps to an even greater extent, frequency, which helps to reinforce the message from different angles.
  • TV is particularly strong at driving awareness, while the likes of online video and paid search are helpful in driving additional consideration and steering towards purchase.
  • Sequencing, a combination of strategic planning that often balances brand building advertising with promotional offers, can be particularly effective when launching a new product or in a new market, or in any situation in which overall awareness is low.