Mondelez Taps Data-Driven Programmatic and E-Commerce for Oreo in China

Anna Hamill

Using big data to drive more efficient marketing strategies is an issue that brands globally are confronting. Mondelez, one of the world's largest FMCG companies, is no different.

In China, the scale of opportunities offered to brands is matched only by the challenges. In a consumer market of one billion people, with thousands of brands trying to reach them, effective use of data has never been more imperative to offer both scale and targeting at the same time.

While e-commerce transactions only make up 5% of Mondelez's total sales in China today, that percentage is expected to double by 2020 – and data is set to play an important role at all stages of the purchase journey.

For Mondelez, using data enabled the company to make programmatic creative changes in real time for the Oreo brand which increased both click-through rates and conversion.