Why it matters

Traditional outdoor media is known for its brand-building qualities, but advertisers (and, to a large extent, media owners) are trying to understanding how the dynamic attributes of digital OOH screens can be used to boost longer-term brand KPIs.


  • Mondelez first trialled dynamic digital OOH as a point-of-sale device, using store and location data to drive relevancy to consumers in proximity to store, leading to an increase in sales.
  • A predominantly digitally-led OOH media campaign delivered only ‘minimal’ ROI, leading Mondelez’s marketing team to conclude that it requires classic ‘paper and paste’ poster sites to drive reach and return.
  • Mondelez is exploring how to use dynamic OOH to make its brand messaging more effective, but this is dependent on getting creative and media agencies to work more collaboratively

Out-of-home media owners have a spring in their collective step. From its longstanding position as an unfashionable addendum to media plans, outdoor has become a key consideration for advertisers pursuing reach.