The time of Gen Z has arrived. As millennials move into parenthood and property purchases, many advertisers are looking towards the next generation of consumers to drive sales over the coming decade.

In light of this growing attention from brands, Snap Inc. decided to take a closer look at the younger cohort, in an effort to better understand their motivations, attitudes and purchasing power. In partnership with GlobalWebIndex (GWI), the social app surveyed 79,000 consumers aged between 16 and 22 years old from across 45 markets.

Speaking to WARC, the report’s two authors – Amy Moussavi, Snap’s soon-to-depart Head of Consumer Insights, and Jason Mander, Chief Research Officer at GlobalWebIndex – said the research showed it is vital for advertisers to view Gen Z as a distinct group with unique behaviours, rather than merely a sub-category of a broader millennial audience.