At a glance

The evolution of the technology sector will bring a range of new opportunities that brands and marketers should start thinking about now.

Why it matters

There’s a step-change coming. Where tech has to date been largely about the digitisation of previously offline and analogue products and services, the future looks very different as new tech products will be centred around the convergence of the internet of things, artificial intelligence and 5G.

Digital-native Gen Z is aware of these technologies and mostly positive about the science-fiction possibilities they offer. But they don’t really know what they want from a next-gen tech product, other than the hygiene factors of speed and convenience.


  • Tech marketers need to understand youth’s future technology needs today in order to position and communicate their products.
  • Gen Z associates tech super-brands with The 5th Wave so consider.
  • Don’t neglect the less glamorous side of tech products: ensure these deliver their function in a responsible and secure way.