With feature phones and 4G enabled devices bringing the internet to vast swathes of rural India, a multitude of opportunities for marketers are now arriving – or are they?

The big question is how do marketers best use the feature phone opportunity, as more and more villagers begin to upgrade to it from a basic handset, while understanding the societal changes that mobile phones are bringing to rural India.

But even expert marketers are split on what India's mobile future looks like.

Khurram Askari, Director at Insight Outreach, South India's leading rural marketing agency, isn't bullish on the idea and believes it is going to take some time for the mobile revolution to occur.

"Rural consumers are yet to catch up with the usage of smartphones and adoption of new technology. Though mobile phones are considered to be one of the important marketing mediums, traditional media such as television and radio are still playing a dominant role," he said.