Much has been said about the alleged inability of the UK’s media and advertising industry to communicate with ordinary working Britons. So the plush upholstery of Vue Leicester Square – famed for playing host to swanky red carpet movie premieres – was an improbable choice of venue to present a report urging media buyers to “look outside of the London bubble”.

Nonetheless, one cannot question TI Media’s commitment to the demographic long referred to as “mass market women” – a “cold and assumptive” moniker, according to Jon Tickner, the publisher’s Strategy Director. With titles like Pick Me Up!, Woman’s Own and TV Times in its portfolio, TI Media claims to reach 3.1 million of these 14 million individuals – categorised as C1C2DE women aged 35 years or older.

In partnership with research firm Differentology, the publisher set out to better understand this audience and discovered a “forgotten economic powerhouse” and the “driving force” behind local communities and high streets. These women – dubbed by TI Media as the “Heart of Britain” (HoB) – sit “at the centre of families, communities and the nation as a whole”. Brands that focus on the perceived affluence of ABC1 and millennial consumers may be missing out on a £350bn commercial opportunity.