Luxury was the top-performing industry in Interbrand’s 2018 study of the most valuable global brands. As we are weeks away from our 2019 study, it’s a poignant time to look at what’s playing out.

Luxury brands are hardwired with culture, people and identity. What we value and why is ever evolving, and consumers are responding to brands who understand how they value time, experience, space, knowledge and community.

How does a luxury brand hold a global point of view in the hearts and minds of consumers, across the changing dynamics and desires of ever more fluid generations and markets? We have been analysing, measuring and tracking this in the leading luxury brands, for the past 20 years, in Interbrand’s Top 100 Best Global Brand Study. Luxury demands ever more sophisticated levels of matching cycles of creativity and product with the digital and data fluency to constantly deliver, both in the moment and over time. Legacy brands are pivoting, from luxury as deeply exclusive, to more dynamically inclusive. New brands are rising up to define new categories and business models. And all in the relentless and restless pursuit of consumers who are accessing luxury in different shapes and forms.

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