If you look at the consumer today, how do they recognise a brand? They recognise a brand when they look at its logo.

The problem is that there is a visual overload: on average, it has been estimated that the consumer is bombarded with 5,000 commercial messages a day. They have learned to either tune those out, so they don’t even notice them, or they simply ignore them. I would do the same myself.

There is a narrower window, and a flood of information coming at consumers. In that situation, how do you stand out as a brand? There is also another challenge: today, I recognise a brand when I see it, but now some consumers are interacting only with voice. There is Alexa, Google Home and all the smart speakers. When you ask Alexa for a product, it will find the best match and go ahead and buy it. There is no visual real estate at all in which to showcase my brand.

There is value in a brand – it stands for quality and a set of characteristics that consumers understand. Consumers want the sense of reassurance and confidence that comes from buying a brand they feel good about. So we needed to rethink our branding strategy totally.

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