Indian Festivals: Transitioning from Sanskari to Sexy

Aakriti Goel
Grey Group India

India has long been a land of festivals. Many people around the world will already know of Diwali, and other significant festivals celebrated in India include Holi, Navratas/Durga Puja, Onam and Christmas. But where once communities came together to celebrate traditions and culture, the character of these festivals is changing, along with Indian society.

Globalisation is a major factor, as increasing awareness of western culture, driven by an influx of western brands and media, means that a new narrative for festivals has emerged. They are shifting away from their purist form to become a mish-mash of Indian and global festivals, moving them from being traditional to being trendy.

This change marks the end of an era when traditional ways ruled the mind and the market. The new discourse of celebrations entails a change not only in the social fabric but also has implications for brands. Rather than riding the festive wave in the old manner, they need to speak the new language of festivals to remain relevant.

Traditions v trends