Perhaps it’s the log-in process that makes the typical banking app so painful. Typing in your security code – the one you’ve forgotten more than once – and watching the spinning wheel of misery as you wait for the verdict. What’s gone out since I last looked? What’s yet to go out? For the cash-strapped, typically London-rent-paying millennial, this experience is all too common.

Monzo feels different. The app, which tends to be the first point of contact with the brand, is slick and simple. By virtue of your phone’s security procedures, Monzo functions like a regular app, presenting your balance as soon as you open it, along with a graph that tracks the level of your balance over time, helping the user to contextualise and understand the pace of their spending. The function that stands out, though, is the spend notification. They keep you on your toes but not in the dark. It is a sobering experience.