It is not often that you come across a brand willing to admit that its product is not for everyone. Unilever-owned Marmite is such a brand, having based decades of communication on candidly acknowledging its divisive nature through the familiar "You either love it or hate it" slogan.

Through the years, Marmite's controversial advertising has given "hate" and "love" equal space. In 2012, the brand secured one of the most coveted sponsorships in the UK, filling Oxford Street with Christmas lights depicting Santa and his elves reacting with either cheer or disgust to a taste of the spread. In 2013, in a play on animal cruelty, it denounced cases of Marmite neglect and rescued jars that had been abandoned at the back of cupboards.

The brand's latest effort is the Gene Project, a campaign built on a PR-savvy study claiming the predisposition to love or hate Marmite is in our genes.