The concept of ‘before and after’ is a staple of cosmetic and beauty marketing. So much so, that the approach struggles to achieve cut through in the cluttered market.

That was the challenge facing L’Oréal Paris when marketing its Revitalift Laser X3 cream in the Australian market. Tim Plant, marketing manager for the brand, had global assets that could be utilised however he knew it was going to be hard to drive the desired increase in sales with a generic campaign.

Plant charged creative agency McCann Melbourne to find a way to stay true to the global approach that would speak to an Australian audience while achieving the desired cut through.

“We were challenged by the brand team to do this in a way that was disruptive rather than just reverting to the formula of before and after, side-by-side comparisons with a dermatologist,” said Lynn Chinnock, Group Account Director at McCann Melbourne.

Plant was looking for a platform that would build brand equity and deliver at least a 20% sales uplift. What he got instead was a recurring 44% increase with a campaign strategy that was so successful, it has been repeated five times in the local market with iterations in Europe and America.

The idea